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Handyman Tek362 Digital Multimeter


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HandyMAN TEK362 Heavy Duty Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Measuring AC/DC Voltage to 1000V and boasting auto-ranging functionality, the TEK362 is a compact multimeter is perfect for your heavy duty testing needs.

In addition to reading AC/DC voltage and current, The TEK362 allows resistance, audible continuity and diode testing, whilst also utilising its K-Type Thermocouple to measure temperature to 1000°C (or 1832°F) and permits the use of a clamp-on adapter(not included).

Offering safety ratings of 600V CATIII and 1000V CATII, the TEK362 is housed within double moulded plastic housing and features fused 10A DC current protection, ensuring safe usage in the field.

Lightweight and user-friendly, the TEK362 comes with a 2000-count LCD screen and a variety of useful features, including Data / Max Hold functions, a built-in stand and an Auto Power Off to conserve battery life.

The TEK362 comes complete with test leads, K-Type Thermocouple and a protective carry case, making it the ideal kit for heavy duty testing.

Product Code: HM-TEK362

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